matt damon (screenshot - elysium red carpet)

Matt Damon being interviewed by EURweb associate LaCora Stephens at the premiere on ‘Elysium’

*On August 7, hundreds of fans lined up at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood to catch a glimpse of “Elysium” stars Matt Damon and Jody Foster.

Fellow celebs like Anthony Anderson, Michael Jai White and Trevor Jackson were there in support. Fellow cast mate William Fichtner stated, “Matt is great; he is the heartbeat of this film!”

Director Neill Blomkamp explained though critics said Elysium fell short compared to District 9, he is a fan of it and more than anything he wants the audience to like it; that is what matters to him.  When EURweb associate LaCora Stephens questioned the catalyst of creating such a film he stated:

“I always wanted to make a film on richer and poorer and wealth discrepancy.  Over the years it just naturally happened. I also grew up in South Africa which has the same topics and it just seems to circulate in your head and one day you’re writing a film about it!”

Actor Faran Tahir who portrays the Elysium’s president told LaCora:

“If we are to take what’s there (in the film), it’s a reflection of how life is today: the haves and the have nots, the elitism, the segregation and racism.  It’s a nice commentary on all of that.

The only African American actor in Elysium, Adrian Holmes, says, “There are no Black people on earth in 2154. I am the only survivor. That’s crazy right?”

What was crazier was the eerie resemblance of Maxwell Cotton to Matt Damon. He jokingly stated that he has thought that he could be his illegitimate child because he’s been told he looks like him since he was six years old.

LaCora was unable to ask Damon about the possible love child, but managed to get some insight on ultimate revenge for Jimmy Kimmel who recently set up a “press junket crash” in Miami. Damon stated: “Well, I had kidnapped him and took over his show, so I’m preparing counter measures.”

We’ll be on the lookout for the ongoing pranks! Until then, visit your theatres to see this action packed movie starring Matt Damon and Jody Foster.

Now, check out LaCora and the stars on the “Elysium” red carpet :