dwight gooden*Former MLB star Dwight Gooden has been evicted from his New Jersey mansion after not making good on rent for months.

Gooden’s estranged wife was living in the home with their 2 young kids. They were all forced to leave in July, when officials enforced the eviction, reports TMZ.

Gooden and his family moved in to the home back in September 2011, and were paying $4,500 a month in rent.

Then he was forced to move out in March after a domestic violence incident between him and his wife. The wife filed a restraining order against him.

The homeowners say that since Gooden moved, his family continued to stay there, but they never got any payments towards rent for four months.

So they filed legal documents against Gooden demanding back rent plus penalties which in total comes to $18,984, not including legal fees.

The court also granted the landlords permission to evict the Gooden family and on July 11, they forced out of the home. No word on where they are living now.