full force (3 pics)*It is with a bit of irony that we post the latest update from Full Force‘s Bow Legged Lou on his brother Paul Anthony‘s battle with cancer (leukemia) on the day after the death of fellow musician George Duke who died from the same disease.

However, in Paul Anthony’s case, as Bowlegged Lou details, he’s fighting the good fight so well that he joined his brother (Full Force) to perform in Houston over the weekend.


As sure as my name is Bowlegged Lou, what ur about to read is a dream come true.

Friday Aug 2nd, 2013-Me & my two beloved brothers (Paul Anthony & B-Fine) rocked & performed our first Full Force Brothers stage show which was a track show in Houston Texas (Majic 102’s Live after 5 outdoor extravaganza) to over 3 thousand people with our beloved Cancer Champion brother Paul Anthony joining us for first time in over a year or so.( He was allowed to fly for the first time in over a year)

From the opening song of “Aint My Type Of Hype,” the 3 of us sang and did dance steps like teenagers & when our beloved brother Paul layed on the stage floor gyrating & withering in a sexual frenzy during a true skool slow song medley while singing Marvin Gaye’s “Distant Lover” as the women in the crowd went absolutely crazy.

All I could do is step to the back on stage and reflect with happy tears in my eyes because months and months ago, our beloved brother Paul sat in his hospital bed in Sloan Kettering Cancer Memorial Hospital with Dr Hamlin looking a little (just a little) glum as things weren’t lookin’ all that good, as doc was telling him that he is truly fighting for his life because his mantle cell lymphoma had transformed into leukemia as well, which left no choice but for him to go through a more potent strong chemotherapy for a week or so bringing his immune system close to nothing as I prepared myself with 2 injection shots a day for a week to harvest my stem cells so I can be the 100% donor match that I can be for our beloved brother’s bone marrow stem cell transplant which he had no choice but to go through.

All went well with the procedure back then and since that time he still goes to the hospital for his reinforcement treatments & takes his daily medication. Paul is doing great & things looks positive with prayers still continuing because of God & our beloved brother’s fighting spirit from the door when he was first diagnosed. Of course the great, great, great prayers, love & support from all family and friends, served up that extra medicine he needed as well. As Paul is still singing, movin’ and groovin’ on stage with us while still in the studio doing his writing & producing contributions for our special up-coming Full Force all star music project which is mostly being done in spirit & partial proceeds for his Cancer Champion initiative…we keep our prayers continuum for not only my beloved brother but prayers for everyone of us and our family/friends.

If u are going through struggles and tough times in ANYTHING, always hold on and stay strong with prayer & positivity. No matter how bleak things can get, remember it ain’t over until it’s over. May all the positive and optimistic things in life forever be yours.

Shout out to all of our loved ones in Heaven as their memory will NEVER be forgotten as we keep them always in our hearts.

EXTRA SHOUTOUT to Our Friend Gary Bond of Tom Joyner’s Reach Media Inc. for being the jumpstarter that called me on behalf of Majic 102 to get things started, An appreciative thank you to our great fans in Houston Texas & the entire hardworking staff of Majic 102 KMJQ (Terri “Terrific” Thomas, Jerry “Keepin It Together” McCruse, Robert BassMan SpaceMan” Washington, Kandi “Lengendary Luscious” Eastman, Jeff “The Studious 1” Harrison, Funky Wunky Larry Jones, Connie “House Party” Bodacious, DJ Walter D & DJ> G.T. aka James Harden BallPlay in Look A Like That Just Dont Give A Jam, Jamie “Pretty One” Barrett and the entire Radio staff of Houston’s Majic 102.)