url*There are some of us out there who love to travel and defy the stereotypes about women of color being scared to try new things.

We don’t like to hear that madness and so we take our passports, cargo shorts and take off to somewhere 20 hours away by plane. Yes, we are the ‘colahed’ women of adventure.

Let’s face it though, many of our limitations have a lot to do with our cultural needs like hair care. Where do you get your weave done in Thailand? Who is going to make sure my press and curl holds up for the three months I’m backpacking through Europe? I’d love to go white water rafting in New Zealand, but is my shower cap going to hold up on the ride?

Fall in line ladies. If no other reason to go natural, adventure and travel are good enough.

Why limit ourselves to the normal activities in life when we too can enjoy the freedoms of the world, without worrying if we have to roam the world looking like Celie on “The Color Purple.”

Never fear, natural hair hasn’t been easier to rock on the road than now.

Here are some quick, easy natural styles to do while traversing around the globe.

Twist Out

This style has become quite popular among the new natural folk. It’s simple and doesn’t require a whole lot of time. In fact, you could rock your twist out for a few days before redoing the twists. And guess what? You won’t need a shower cap for those fun water sports. Miss Jesse’s got a step-by-step guide for ya.

A twist out is an ideal styling method for creating the curl pattern that you desire. It can be maintained for up to two weeks. Re-twist at night before bedtime.



  • Curly Meringue
  • Spray Bottle for rewetting the hair
  • Butterfly clips used for sectioning the hair
  • Comb for parting the hair
  • Flat paddle brush for detangling



Natural hair before 
twist out.

MJ_twistout_02STEP 2

Apply Curly Meringue to damp hair, twist each section. The size of the twist determines the diameter of the curl.

MJ_twistout_03STEP 3

Dry under a hooded dryer and untwist.

MJ_twistout_04STEP 4

Here’s a neat controlled twist out.

MJ_twistout_05STEP 5

To make it fuller separate twists into 3-4 sections.

MJ_twistout_06STEP 6



The Janelle Monet-esk Updo

Always elegant and classy, updos can make you look super sheik and fabulous. Check out this video on an easy how-to.



washn wearWash ‘n Wear

When all else fails, slop that mop in some water, good moisturizer, and air dry. Lots of women say, “I can’t do that with my hair.” Oh contraire. Anyone can do it. It’s a matter of being comfortable with yourself to let your hair do what it does best and that is be. Pin it up on the sides for a frohawk or a parted Fro. One of the simplest of styles, you can let it all hang out and watch as the foreign men flock to your side in admiration. Au natural baby!

Other tips:

Pack light – find hair products that can be used for multiple uses. For example, shea butter can be used as a skin moisturizer and hair pomade and even sometimes as a gel. It’s one of those seriously natural products that won’t harm your hair or body. The main idea here is to pack as few hair and beauty products as possible so you can use that extra room in your suitcase for shopping.

Natural hair means natural products – If you’re going to go there, go all the way. Try seeking out hair and beauty products that include ingredients you are familiar with and can pronounce. They say what you put on your hair you should be able to eat.

Try co-washing – It means washing your hair with conditioner only. Co-washing is a way of keeping your hair healthy without drying it out or bombarding it with harmful chemicals often found in commercial hair shampoos.