tiger woods *So it looks like Tiger Woods waterfront home (pictured below)  in Jupiter Island could in fact be sinking.

The public records in Martin County indicate that Woods is having a contractor shore up his 10,000-square-foot modern crib.

Gossip Extra reported that an insider told him that Woods and his girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, spotted cracks in walls and doors rubbing into the ground.

According to county records, the contractor will try to stabilize the property by inserting helical piles and giant screws as far as 24 feet into the ground.

“This sort of thing occurs quite a bit in Florida,” said Skip Barrett of South Coast Foundation Systems in Deerfield Beach. Barrett’s company is not involved with the work at Woods’ but Barrett said it performs similar work almost daily.

“In Florida, the soil has layers of organic matter that eventually decomposes,” Barrett said. “Once that happens, many homes start sinking.”

tiger woods home (sinking)