LingerieFW 2013 011*Fashion never quits in New York.

Designers from all over the world came together for one weekend at the Lingerie Fashion Week 2013.

Here, some of the most creative, sexy and comfy designs for panties and bras were put on display. Attendees had the chance to interact with the models and the lacy undergarments.

I had the chance to speak to one of the unlikely stars of the weekend. Boudoir photographer Angelica Roberts set up a humble display of beautiful photos, capturing women of all different backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and colors. Initially, passersby only observed the pics. But delving a little deeper, we found out there’s a story behind each.

The photographer, who once struggled with her own beauty, was challenged with being a friend’s model. After seeing herself through the lens of another, she began to appreciate beauty beyond societal standards.

It was through photography she found her freedom to love herself and so she decided to liberate others in the same way.

Angelica photographs regular, everyday women in intimate form in hopes of reviving their confidence.

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Also, check out some of images from LingerieFW below.

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