debbie-rowe*As reported, Debbie Rowe testified during the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial that Jackson would go to his longtime dermatologist more than once a week in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Rowe worked in the office of the dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.

“I didn’t understand why he would come in twice in one week,” Rowe said, adding that she was concerned he might be in search of drugs rather than treatments for blemishes with collagen injections. “I didn’t necessarily see what he wanted to have done.”

During her testimony, Rowe claims that she never witnessed Jackson engage in doctor shopping or request specific pain medications. According to her, many of the visits involved the skin-lightening condition Vitiligo and scars he got from being burned during a Pepsi commercial shoot.

She described Jackson as suffering excruciating pain for the 20 years that she was his close friend. Rowe said her former husband trusted his doctors and depended on them to give him proper medications.

“When it came to the pain … it was more begging for relief than anything,” Rowe said. “He respected doctors so he wouldn’t question what they were doing.”

Rowe is the mother of the singer’s two oldest children, Prince and Paris Jackson. She and the pop star were married from 1996 to 1999.

She testified in the lawsuit filed by Jackson’s mother against AEG Live LLC, the promoter of Jackson’s ill-fated “This Is It” comeback concerts.

Rowe was asked how Jackson’s death had affected his only daughter.

“She is devastated,” Rowe said. “She tried to kill herself. She is devastated. She has no life. She doesn’t feel she has a life anymore.”

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