Jay Z*If you ask veteran baseball agent Scott Boras what he thinks of newly licensed sports agent Jay Z, he would probably accuse the rapper of theft.

According to reports, Boras was slightly peeved when one of his biggest clients, Robinson Cano, decided to jump ship and sign with Roc Nation Sports, Jay’s budding athletic brand.

Recently, according to Page Six, the two rivals bought Dodger tickets that were only a few rows apart. Witnesses say that Boras and Jay skipped the pleasantries, and that tension could be cut with a knife.

“Scott Boras, you over, baby! Robinson Cano, you coming with me,” Jay raps on his new album “Magna Carta . . . Holy Grail,” about stealing the Yankee slugger from Boras for the fledgling Roc Nation Sports banner.

Spies said Jay Z was in the stands with NBA stars Kevin Durantand Chris Paul.

But the trio later headed to watch the game in a Dodgers owners’ box with Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten, leaving Boras in the stands.

“It showed the prestige of Jay Z, going to watch the game with Magic,” said a spy. But, don’t feel too bad for Boras — “He was still in the front row,” the source added.

Boras, who only reps baseball players, has more subtly taken a dig at Jay Z by suggesting he’s distracted by other sports, saying, “We give baseball everything . . . We don’t represent basketball players or football players.”