keke wyatt (screenshot)*Keke Wyatt says don’t try to put her on lockdown. She’s more than an R&B singer.

“I love real R&B, but we ain’t living in the ’90s R&B no more. We ain’t living in the ’80s R&B,” Keke told Sister 2 Sister. “Things change. Times change.”

She said she’s still young, and although she made songs reminiscent of classic R&B when she did “You and I” with Avant, there’s a limited audience listening to that music these days.

“The only people that’s going to be listening to that now is adult contemporary, and I’m just in my 30s,” she said. “I still like to listen to the Chris Browns and the Keri Hilsons and the Beyoncés.

Keke grew up in a biracial household. Her mother loved country, while her dad listened to gospel and R&B; which she says was not her music of choice.

“From the very beginning of my career, I was pushed into a certain genre of music. I’ve always loved all types of music,” she said. “There’s really no music that I don’t like or that I don’t listen to.”

As for singing classic R&B in the future, don’t hold your breath, she says,

“Ain’t nobody tryin’ to go back to the ’90s. The kids aren’t going to listen to it. I’m trying to reach everybody Alicia [Keys] is reaching, everybody Beyoncé’s reaching. I’m doing it Keke style.