Kanye West's grandfather Portwood Williams, Sr.

Kanye West’s grandfather Portwood Williams, Sr.

*Kim Kardashian missed her sister’s 16th birthday party in order to attend a funeral for Kanye West’s grandfather.

Kim, Kanye and their 2-month-old daughter North traveled to Oklahoma over the weekend to pay their respects to Portwood Williams Sr., who died on Aug. 10 at the age of 98.

On the same day, Kim’s sister Kylie Jenner was celebrating her Sweet 16 in Los Angeles with the rest of their family.

A source told People: ”That’s why they weren’t at Kylie’s birthday. They brought North, too. Her first trip.”

According to the source, Kanye’s grandfather was impressed with Kim when they first met, calling her ”sweet and beautiful” in February. He said: “She is beautiful — and she’s just as sweet as she is beautiful — and that’s what I liked about her!
She was just down to earth, she’s rich, and those kinds of people, they’ve got everything.”

While Mr. Williams – who was married for 72 years until the death of his wife Lucille – loved meeting Kim, he wasn’t worried about the couple rushing to exchange vows.

”Maybe they could have a successful marriage, but I’m not going to spend time worrying if they’re going to make it or not,” he said. “I don’t do weddings. I don’t like weddings… You spend a lot of money, then in a few weeks, you’re separated!”