lebron james & michael jordan*LeBron James has made it official.

He is NOT going to run for the presidency of the National Basketball Players Association.

Earlier he had floated the idea of running for the position which came open when Derek Fisher’s term expired.

“It’s something I’m engaged in, understanding where our union is at right now. It’s not in a bright spot today with the departure of Billy Hunter and we’re looking for so many spots to be filled, so it’s something that I will look into,” James told FOX Sports’ Bill Reiter.

“The one thing that concerns me from a personal standpoint is my time. I don’t have a lot of time. … And if I feel like I can’t give everything to be the president of the union, then I will not do it because I’ll be cheating not only myself but cheating the 400-plus players and the people around that deserve to have someone who is fully committed.”

In other b-ball news, everybody is marveling at the fact that His Airness, Michal Jordan, at 50, has still got skillz.

If you missed it, over the weekend, he demonstrated that he can still fly high and deliver that dunk.

He showed it at his annual Michael Jordan Flight School camp at the University of California-Santa Barbara.

And as you’ll see below, it may not have been his patented, tongue-wagging, wind-up windmill move from back in the day, but he delivered … on a youngster who wasn’t putting up much in the way of defense. But hey, a dunk is dunk is dunk! 🙂