lee thompson young*It seems that we might not ever know why actor Lee Thompson Young took his life on Monday. That’s because he didn’t leave behind a suicide note.

As we reported, Young was found dead in his apartment in the San Fernando Valley on Monday. Sources say he died from a gunshot wound that was self-inflicted.

The actor did have a diary, but it doesn’t appear that any entries can shed light on the incident, reports TMZ.

According to witnesses, the actor was last seen on Saturday and authorities believe that he may have shot himself that day as well.

Friends and associates are shocked because Young no serious life issues that they were aware of.

Via social media, actress Meagan Good left this touching message about Thompson’s death:

“My Lee .. My friend .. My dear Friend .. I love you man .. My heart Is so broken .. You are remarkable 🙂 ..you are incredible .. Light and beauty .. So humble and gentle .. Loving and sweet .. Serious and thoughtful lol ..it’s like you were always in touch with something so transcending -that others couldn’t even begin to touch it or identify it .. you lived in that space .. You were such a Special and beautifully different kind of being .. a original .. Im thinking about all the silly times lol …the random adventures of you, me and @mrtyhodges.. Teenagers then young adults on a constant mission … a brilliant mind .. a gorgeous spirit .. I’ll miss you .. Alot .. You loved me enough to fearlessly remind me of my worth .. Thank you .. I pray you Peace … And everlasting Love wrapped up in Our Fathers Arms ..I love you always and always my Brother.”

Young was appearing in the TNT series “Rizzoli & Isles” at the time of his death.