image013-2*So the love triangle between Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J, may have been a square all along.

Would you believe Stevie is rumored to have fathered a baby by another woman? Of course you would. After all, he’s Stevie J. And doing dumb-sh*t is what he does reports that an anonymous friend of aspiring singer Promise B Mae (pictured above) revealed the news about Stevie’s love child.

“I’m a former friend of ‘PROMISE B MAE’ and yes she is pregnant by Stevie. They have been keeping this on the low for a minute. Up until the whole marriage thing with him and Joseline they have been seriously beefing, so she told me about a week ago that she will be having an abortion,” the source told the gossip blog.

If you’ve been watching “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” you’ve seen Stevie barely managing to find a balance with his relationship with his babymama and his new wife, Joseline.

Stevie claims to have put his lying and cheating ways behind him to focus on building a monogamous relationship with Joseline, but based on alleged tweets, that might be just another lie.

According to reports, the expectant mother resorted to changing her number to avoid calls from Stevie.

“I ran into Stevie and of course he asked about her and whether or not I had her new number, so we began to talk and I slipped up and told him about the abortion,” said the former friend.

The former friend reportedly has images of messages exchanged between Stevie and Promise which indicate he’s none too pleased with her rumored decision to end her pregnancy.

“[W]e need to talk asap don’t you think I need to be apart of that decision don’t play with my seed Call me NOW!!! Or else..,” read the text.