mimi faust*Sigh. Did we really expect things to go well between the drama queens on the set of the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlantaseason 2 reunion show?

Though the show has officially ended for the season, the reunion gave the VH1 stars an opportunity to voice their concerns and displeasure with each other. And, how shall we put this, they did not disappoint.

We heard reports that shoes flew, literally, on set. Joseline Hernandez kicked it off (pun intended) when asked by host Mona Scott Young to comment on Mimi Fausts’ new boob job.

Joseline claimed  Mimi got the job done to look like her, and, well … all hell broke loose; security guards scrambled on stage to restrain Joseline from getting physical with Mimi.

Joseline and StevieThough it appeared the two women hated each other, things seemed to calm down once Stevie J came on the stage. The women then turned on him, blaming him for the chaos. Mimi admitted that she didn’t hate the aspiring Puerto Rican bred rapper, but admitted that Stevie J was wrong for constantly texting her for sex and proposing to the both of them when he was dating Joseline. The women even agreed that Stevie J has “mommy issues” after being abandoned by his own mother and Joseline said that she has her own “mommy issues,” which keeps her attached to Stevie J.

Hmmm…self diagnosis. Works for us!

Meanwhile, K. Michelle reconciled with everyone before leaving the show, well, almost everyone: Mimi is not one of them. When asked about her relationship with the singer Mimi responded, “I don’t know ask her.”

Go on, watch the confrontation between Joseline & Mimi. You know you want to 🙂

Watch the full reunion show (pt 1):