lyfejennings5*Lyfe Jennings laughs when people call his R&B act “too serious.”

“That’s not all the way me,” he declared in a matter-of-fact tone during an interview with EUR’s Lee bailey. “One of the perceptions is that I’m always serious. When they listen to my music it’s serious; but I’m playful at times. Yeah, I’m serious too; but that’s not my only side.”

Jennings also revealed having a comedic spirit, as well as future aspirations to host his own talk show.

“A lot of people don’t see me in that light so it’s hard for producers to think of Lyfe Jennings when they have opportunities like that available,” he admitted glumly. “My mind leads me to a lot of questions that people wouldn’t think of to ask. I’m out of the box creatively not just musically.”

Jennings continued, “I’m curious about life creation, mathematics, and physics. I never went to school; but It’s not that i wasn’t smart, there were just a lot of issues that lead me outside of school.”

Judging by the monotony of his “on-camera” wardrobe–which, typically, includes drooping white t-shirts, an assortment of boringly-black du rags, and mildly baggy trousers that hang discretely off the edges of his “dance-less” hips, it makes sense that many of Lyfe’s fans don’t claim to see rainbows and cotton candy when they watch him croon on stage.

On top of that, Jennings is notoriously known for his somber lyrics and even less jubilant guitar playing (and lest we forget about his stint behind bars, a clear indication that Lyfe is cut from a  grainier cloth than many of his marshmallowy R&B cohorts). However, there is a method, and a message, to Lyfe’s arid persona, which includes the unorthodox spelling of his stage name.

“I chose the name because I sing about life situations,” explained Jennings dryly. “In life we all ask the question: Why is this happening? Why is this going on? So, i chose ‘y’ [in place of the letter “I”]to reflect that.

Jennings made a huge splash in 2004 with his self-entitled, inaugural album, Lyfe 268-192. The self-proclaimed “idealist” has gone on sell over a million records (otherwise known as reaching platinum status). Lyfe’s next solo project is slated to be released in the fall, and it features his newest single in three years, “Boomerang.”

“It’s about doing things in your life that come back to you,” he expressed. “I grew up in situations in my life whether they were bad or good i wrote about them.”
After fleeing the spotlight in 2011, Jennings reshuffled his priorities, particularly those associated with family.

“Being on the road all the time definitely affected my personal life,” he affirmed candidly. “I took some time away from music to attach some loose ends at home.”

He  added, “People make my life more complicated than what it is. We all go through stuff and the only reason why you read about my stuff is because I’m kind of in the spotlight. I don’t think it’s more complicated than anybody else. Most people in the world are going through what I’m going through.”