venice beach tragedy

Venice Beach attack carried out by Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, in where he drove his black Dodge Avenger (seen in the upper left running over a woman dressed in pink) directly into the crowd, Saturday, August 3, 2013.

*There are a near endless list of tourist areas in America, but some are more popular than others.

And now that we live in an era of terrorist attacks, it’s not a stretch that these areas could be targets.

But no one ever expects an attack from a citizen, yet they’ve happened over and over again.

A man got into his car over the weekend and used the pedestrians of the famous Venice Beach boardwalk, near Los Angeles, as target practice as he ran his car through the busy area filled with people.

According to the Guardian, Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, turned himself into police at a Santa Monica precinct just a couple hours after the tragic incident and told them he was “involved.”

Campbell is being held by police on $1 million bail. Witnesses said it seemed that the man was “bent on doing evil.”