meagan good (bet awards dress)

Lawd have mercy. That’s a pastor’s wife, dressed like that?!

Meagan Good had many questioning whether she took being a pastor’s wife all that serious after her sexy wardrobe choice at the BET Awards, to which doesn’t seem to phase her one bit.

“I hate to see my husband come under fire because people can be so narrow-minded in their thought and in their approach,” Meagan recently told

When Meagan walked the BET Awards red carpet and presented a gospel award wearing a sexy form-fitting dress with a plunging neckline, she was met with a lot of backlash.

As the wife of a pastor, she maintains that she is comfortable with her decision to wear the body-baring dress.

“I’m confident in my decisions and I know my heart was in the right place when I chose the dress that I wore. I know that there will be other dresses down the line that people probably won’t like, but my relationship with God is tight, and I don’t think God is concerned about those kind of things, and if He ever was to say, ‘Don’t dress like that,’ I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t feel that in my spirit, so I don’t feel convicted about it,’ said Meagan who isn’t as concerned for her reputation as she is for her husband’s.

DeVon Franklin is a Seventh-Day Adventist pastor with his own ministry who married a star, Meagan, whom many consider a sex symbol. Although the superficial aspects of her career provide challenges for the couple, Meagan is finding the balance. She feels the media needs to focus more on what they’re doing to help people.

“People don’t look at the good stuff you do like going to talk to kids in prison…and all the positivity you’re putting out there to build God’s kingdom,” she said. “It breaks my heart that people look for the one negative thing and one way to try to attack you and break down everything that you’ve done.”

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