michael b. jordan (fruitvale)*After the critical and commercial success of “Fruitvale Station,” Michael B. Jordan is looking to try his hand in the TV realm.

The actor hinted towards a new project on “The B.S. Report,” sports commentator Bill Simmons’ popular podcast. In the interview, Jordan shared that he was working on developing a basketball-themed television show.

After Simmons offered him some sound career advice, Jordan responded, “Why don’t you produce one of my TV shows I’ve been working on?”

When asked by Simmons if the project involves sports and balls, Jordan replied, “Yes, definitely. Basketballs.”

Jordan revealed that the television project would be similar to the drama “Friday Night Lights” in which he starred in and will be set in Detroit. “I just think Detroit is such an interesting city. The automotive industry kind of destroyed that town when they went away and started outsourcing jobs and stuff like that.”

He has yet to reveal if he has plans to stay behind the scenes of star in the television show as well.

Meanwhile, as we reported, “Fruitvale Station” director Ryan Coogler shares that he and Jordan may in fact team up again for “Creed,” a spin-off of the “Rocky” franchise focused on the grandson of Apollo Creed.

With all the Oscar buzz surrounding the young star, he still remains humble. “I’m just reading a lot of scripts and taking a lot of meetings trying to figure out the best move,” he says.