preachers-of-la-noel-jones-interview-jasmine-brand-595x371*Recently, media partner,, interviewed mega pastor, Bishop Noel Jones, about joining the highly anticipated and controversial reality show, ‘Preachers of LA’.

During the conversation, the Jamaica native shared his real intention on doing reality TV, how he broke the news to his congregation, what his best friend (Bishop T.D. Jakes) said after hearing the news, plus why he won’t be showing all aspects of his life for viewers. Check out a few excerpts below.

On why he decided to do reality TV:

“Anytime you deal with people who everybody put on pedestals, and put them up on pedestals that they can’t live on. Anytime you deal with looking on the other side and deal with lifestyle – It’s going to be controversial, there’s no question about it. The reason why I’m doing this show is because I want to deflate the iconoclastic dispositions that we have towards men and women who are in ministry or who are in any position where we want to look up to them. Because at the end of the day, everybody’s flawed. And I tell my friends, “I’m too flawed to be flashy” so I try to stay as far out from the limelight as I can. It’s just that – and the truth is that I’m good at what I do. So if I wasn’t good at what I do, I wouldn’t be in demand. And because I’m in demand, I’m in the limelight. And because I’m in the limelight, it comes on, on the good and the bad – but we don’t want to embrace that. We want to give the impression that there’s nothing on – we don’t have a dark side. But everybody’s got a dark side, of course, won’t agree with me, but everybody’s got a dark side.”

On what his best friend, Bishop T.D. Jakes feels about him doing reality TV:

“Bishop [T.D.] Jakes. So when he said he swallowed his tongue when he heard I was doing it – and rightfully so – because from his perspective, we’re two different people. I’m more open and more gregarious than he is, and less protected. And so, and he’s very protective. So consequently, I’m on the other side of the protection that he would like me to have and then it’s risky business – it’s no question in my mind – it’s risky business.”

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