rick ross

North Carolina Pastor Rodney Wills, 26, was fired by church deacons in 11-3 vote from Mt. Salem Baptist Church for attending a Rick Ross concert, Saturday, August 3, 2013.

*Hip-hop has its share of thug rappers that carry out numerous heinous crimes on track and it’s your choice whether you listen to or are a fan of them.

But some of us are supposed to have a moral responsibility that would prevent support of people like this.

Rodney Wills, 26, has been pastor Mt. Salem Baptist Church in North Carolina for three years and entering his fourth as the deacons of the 109-year-old church voted 11-3, that Wills be ousted for attending a Rick Ross concert.

He returned to the church to find that he had his parking space removed as well as his name from its usual placement. But, this decision was not as immediate as it seems, according to Black America Web.