toni braxton (wardrobe malfunction)*Lawd have mercy!

It wasn’t exactly on the magnitude of Janet Jackson’s epic 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction/fail, but Toni Braxton‘s is still kinda hard to look at. Well, most of it is.

Po’ thang.

So far there’s no word on what was the cause, but while performing on stage Friday night in New Brunswick, New Jersey … Toni’s dress or skirt or whatever she was wearing decided it wanted to slide on down the road without telling Ms Braxton. Fortunately she was wearing some kind of (flesh colored) underwear so she wasn’t totally exposed “down there” and “back there.”

It took a minute, but one of the 45-year-old singer’s male fans that she brought up on stage was gentleman enough to use his blazer to cover her up while her crew worked on the dress. They eventually took it all the way off. That you gotta see! Meanwhile Miss Toni didn’t miss a beat and kept the show moving right along.

Afterwards she tweeted:”Nobody’s Perfect! LOL.”

Lil’ sis Tamar responded with: “You are tho sissy! At least your ass is AMAZING!”

And we’ll gladly second the motion on that Tamar. 🙂

Oh yeah, before we forget, according to theYBF, Toni’s album with Babyface is due later this year. Meanwhile, their new single, “Hurt You,” debuts on Monday.