oprah (screenshot the butler intv)*As EURweb reported earlier, OprahWinfrey  has been taking on several interesting topics since she began promoting her new film, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” which opens nationwide on August 16.

Among the subjects she is giving her take on is the recent beef between activist Harry Belafonte and rapper Jay Z. You may recall, Belafonte put Jay on blast saying that he and his superstar wife, Beyoncé, are ignoring their social responsibility. Since that time, there have been swipes back and forth between Jay (who did not like the fact that his wife was brought into the fray nor that Belafonte chose the public forum to build Bruce Springsteen, “the white guy “up, while putting him, the brother, down).

So, while The Urban Daily had Oprah’s attention, they wanted to know what SHE thought about the whole thing; and more importantly, who SHE thinks is right?

But as we all know, nothing is that simple. TUD says Oprah drew a parallel with the clash of ideas between the father and son in “The Butler.”  Cecil, the butler, and his pro-Black Power movement son were raised in two different eras and had different racial & human experiences. Therefore, they fought “the fight” in two different ways.

Against this parallel, with regards to the Belafonte-Jay Z situation, Oprah stated they’re both right.

Harry Belafonte for his day and way of operating in the world; with the marches and protests that were necessary for that time; and Jay Z doing it his way through his music, his work and his art.

A nice, safe answer. Wouldn’t you say?

When asked if she would moderate a sit down between the two men, Oprah laughed and said:

“Oh wouldn’t that be a great show. That’s an ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter.'”

And we bet she’s not dropping that idea just because the interview ended. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, check out the interview below: