preachers-of-la-620x402*If you haven’t heard, Oxygen Media is getting set to premiere a brand new reality docu-series for men of the cloth: “The Preachers of L.A.

The show will follow six “mega-pastors” in Los Angeles as they balance home life and church life.

We will get to see the daily “struggles and triumphs” in their ministries and how they balance their commitments.

Not too surprisingly, some local pastors have a few words to say on the matter such as William J. Smith of Saint Tabernacle Church in L.A.

“I’m totally against it,” Pastor Smith tells theGrio. “When you put the church in the category of all these other shows – though I don’t watch them, I don’t have time for that foolishness – it demeans the church. It brings it down and it takes away the value of why it’s here. That’s why the church is in the condition that it’s in. Because the church has, in a sense, aligned itself with themes of the world.”

He feels the church already faces ridicule and this added display of attention will provide the public with more ammunition.

“When one falls, we all fall or we’re all no good,” he points out. “Now, I’m not against prosperity because God wants these people to prosper, but there’s a way off course being flamboyant and boasting about our prosperity.”

He adds, “That causes people to look down on us. Our job is to preach the gospel, and to reach people. It’s not to match wits with the world.”

Pastors on the “Preachers of LA” show include Bishop Noel Jones, Minister Deitrick Haddon, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Pastor Wayne Chaney and Bishop Ron Gibson.

In the previews, the men are shown wearing tailored suits and sunglasses, tattoos and being flanked by an entourage and driving around in fancy cars.

Watch this drama filled trailer: