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*As if this man doesn’t have enough on his mind already. Like fighting to stay alive …

Can you picture this: amidst a slew of “get-well” notices left by well-wishers, a big red and white utilities cut-off notice prominently displayed on the front door of former South African president, Nelson Mandela.

Hard to do right?

But that’s exactly what happened. However, the city of Johannesburg has apologized for what they say was a mix up. The South African media quotes the notice as saying a payment of $650 for services (most likely  utilities) was overdue; and that said services would be cut off if not paid.

The South African Press Association cites the city as saying the notice should have gone to another customer in a different area.

What an embarrassing “mistake.”

Mr. Mandela, who turned 95 last month, remains in the hospital.

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