inner city dreams (album cover)West Coast hit maker “Glasses Malone” has teamed with music industry executive Stan Sheppard to launch the new compilation project entitled “Inner City Dreams” which is the debut release on Sheppard’s new music label “StarU Records” which is being distributed world-wide by Fontana/Ingrooves Records.

Stan Sheppard and business partner, Lee Ford Jr., have joined with renowned music industry executive, Ruben Rodriguez, to form the new Hip Hop/R&B Music Label which will have offices in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago Illinois.

The “Inner City Dreams” album is a “benefit project” which will raise funds for the families in the city of Chicago who have lost “children and loved ones” to gang violence.

The funds that are raised through the sale of the album will go to pay for the Burial and Funeral services for the deceased victims and for the hospital costs for the hundreds of “wounded individuals” still being treated in Chicago area hospitals and rehab centers.

Stan Sheppard initially teamed with Chicago’s nationally known Civil Rights Advocate “Father Michael Pfleger” to make this project a reality and together, they devised a plan to assist the thousands of grief stricken people in the city of Chicago who are living through this horrible existence through “music”

Father Michael Pfleger suggested to Mr. Sheppard that they work with the Chicago based organization called “Purpose Over Pain” to receive the funds and that organization will deal directly with the families who need this monetary assistance during this terrible time in their lives.

The “Purpose Over Pain” foundation is comprised of parents in Chicago who have lost children to senseless acts of gang violence. The members unfortunately know from first hand experience “the devastation that is thrust upon these families” and the horror and nightmares they will encounter in the days, months and years ahead. This organization helps these families navigate through these rough times.

The “Inner City Dreams” album will be available for purchase at all digital outlets on October 29th 2013 to the general public, but the company’s promotional and marketing efforts will also target “Celebrities” and “Corporations” nationwide to support this cause by purchasing this project.

Chicago’s number one radio station “WGCI-FM” jump started the “Inner City Dreams” promotional campaign on July 31st with their “on-air” interviews and coverage of the album project and additional coverage  will be coming from Chicago’s other powerhouse music station “V-103 FM” during the months leading up to the album’s official release..

Inquiries concerning the “Inner City Dreams” album project should be directed to Mr. Lee Ford Jr. or Mr. K.B. Wheeler at 424-242-3184