man kicking woman

San Francisco Police have taken Christopher Porter-Bailey into custody as he is caught on surveillance video in the brutal robbery of a woman June 30, 2013, that left her unconscious.

*The brutal robberies throughout the country like that of the man who robbed and beat a woman unmercilessly in front of her toddler daughter in her New Jersey home are growing.

During a gay pride event in San Francisco, June 30, a woman was robbed and beaten for her purse by what looks like two young men, lead by a young woman, who punched the woman, viciously snatched the woman’s purse from her and left her on the ground.  Then, one of the young men with her, for no reason, dropkicks the woman with such force that the woman was knocked unconscious.

But according to NBC, police have the young man they believe to be the suspect in custody. Christopher Porter-Bailey was arrested Friday and charged with robbery, aggravated assault and battery likely to produce serious injury and he plead not guilty Monday, and is held on $200,000 bail.