shemar moore*Actor Shemar Moore was able to successfully raise $638,483 with his IndieGoGo campaign to finance his new film “The Bounce Back.”

Moore started the campaign in hopes of being able to executive produce and star in the film. “The Bounce Back” is a romantic comedy that follows an author and relationship expert on a path to find love.

Initially Moore turned to Kickstarter to launch his goal which was originally set at $1.5 million. But he decided to switch over to IndieGoGo, which allows you to keep all of the profits whether you reach your goal or not verses Kickstarter’s all or nothing policy.

The actor recently spoke with Shadow & Act about his new movie and fundraising campaign.

shemar moore (the bounceback)SHADOW & ACT: Congratulations on making your fundraising goal.

SHEMAR MOORE: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. This whole process has been new to me, so I didn’t really know if we had a shot or how it worked. I’m not one to ask for money so that was a little foreign to me. But then I started to understand the concept, that this is the way Hollywood is now progressing, and I could [take] control of my own content and create stories that I want to tell. It’s kind of fun not to be a puppet anymore, where you take the strings off and you’re not saying someone else’s words. I can come up with the projects that Hollywood might not necessarily be making.

S&A:  Tell me about the story. It sounds pretty similar to some of the romantic comedies that we’ve seen lately. 

SM: Sex sells, drama sells, love stories sell. We never get enough of falling in love and believing in love. I did a movie called Diary of a Mad Black Woman which was about finding true love. So yeah it’s going to be similar, but not exactly the same. It’s more of a dramedy. This guy writes a book because he lost the love of his life in a car accident, so there’s going to be an element of drama and heartache. But then it’s about trying to find love and giving women the rules and tips to outthink a man and keep a man.

S&A: The idea sounds a lot like Think Like A Man and the wave of advice being given to women on how to get and stay in a relationship. Will your movie poke fun at that concept?

SM: Yeah, you’ve got to poke fun at it because this is what’s jumping off the shelves. This is what women and men are talking about, especially women. But there’s also a dramatic element to it that I think is really going to get people’s attention. We’re selling a very original story that everybody can relate to.

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