sinbad (at lax)*Last week Sinbad stepped his game up on his standup show “Make Me Wanna Holla: A Night of Comedy and Funk.”

He taped his Detroit performance and next week it will play in 500 theaters nationwide for one night only on Thursday, August 22.

The comedian says the movie theater version of his standup show was created in one day.

“We edited it overnight in the hotel room – we edited from like 9 a.m. to midnight,” says the veteran comic actor.

You can watch Sinbad live and in person in Las Vegas this weekend.

For more info how to find theaters showing  Sinbad’s “Make Me Wanna Holla: A Night of Comedy and Funk” on August 22, hit up Fathom Events.

Listen to Sindbad’s hilarious interview with Tom Joyner and crew: