Sunshine Anderson*Singer-songwriter Sunshine Anderson recently sat down with Singersroom to talk about her long hiatus from music.

The “Heard It All Before” hit-maker said she’s taken time off to raise her daughter as a single mom in Charlotte, NC. But now she looks to get back to making great music. Only this time around, she wants it’s done her way.

Singersroom: So how does it feel to get back out there in front of your fans?

Sunshine Anderson: You know what, it is very nerve wracking because it is scary, especially when you have been gone for so long. But I feel a sense of calm that I know I didn’t feel the first time I was here. That lets me know that I have grown and is still growing…and I’m ready!

Singersroom: How have you been? What is new in your life?

Sunshine Anderson:  Well I’m a mommy! I have a 5 year old little girl named Sky. We are kind of tucked away in Charlotte, North Carolina; where I’m from, my home. I’m raising my 5 year old, and I’ve been in the studio, I’ve cut a couple of records, got my cosmetology license in 2009, and I was in Atlanta for 7 years. I’ve done a few things, but musically I’ve been off the scene.

Singersroom: So, what is your plan for music?

Sunshine Anderson:  You know that plan is still developing. I have to be honest; I didn’t know for a long time if I was coming back. People would always say, we need a new album, and I’m like, you got two brand new albums on iTunes, holla at that ok!  As an artist, you don’t like to waste records or albums because they are your babies and when the world doesn’t hear them or get that satisfaction, you’re like then what am I doing this for? I’m really waiting for R&B to come back, then someone told me I shouldn’t wait for R&B to come back, you should create it and give it to them, but I’m concerned about wasting records.

Singersroom: So, if you are not really sure about music, what made you come out tonight to perform?

Sunshine Anderson:  I’m so tired of sitting still! Closed mouths don’t get fed and out of sight out of mind!  If people don’t know you are around, and people don’t know that you are alive, they can’t feed life into you. Honestly, I’m here because what if I can do it again, could it be different? A part of me feels it can be different this time around. I’m taking the steps to make sure it is different. You hear artists all the time talking about creative control and it’s about me and it truly is. If I can’t do what Sunshine wants to do, or give the fans what Sunshine has to offer, then I don’t want to do it and I think that is the issue. The first album was the guinea pig, the second album I learned I could write. I wrote on six songs on the second album. The third album, OMG, me and Mike City are back together again.