Some celebrity endorsements make perfect sense.

For instance, you expect to see a beautiful star like Angelina Jolie being the face of a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton.

But then there are those product and celebrity pairings that are just a little outside of the box:

Charlie Sheen and Fiat

For a while in 2011, Charlie Sheen was a tweeting human train wreck. His antics in the old days would have made him untouchable. Today, however, his “tiger blood” and “winning” rants have made him a high-profile celeb. So it probably shouldn’t have been surprising that Fiat decided to choose Sheen to sell its new “bad boy” Abarth model. Not only was Sheen in the news a lot at the time, but the star is also a hyperactive tweeter who reaches millions of followers on pretty much a daily basis.

Alicia Keys and BlackBerry Phones

At first, hip singer Alicia Keys may seem like an odd spokesperson for BlackBerry. But the line, which has long been famous for being a businessperson’s phone, is trying to broaden its appeal. Keys, who enjoys a great crossover appeal, will definitely be helpful in the product’s re-branding efforts. She is not just popular with BlackBerry’s current corporate-type users, but also with the younger generation who like to tweet and use social media. If the Keys campaign works, don’t be surprised to see cool Blackberry cell phones replacing many iPhone and Android devices.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jim Beam

A-list stars typically don’t hawk products in the U.S. It’s almost as if by doing so, a big celeb will cheapen his image. However, these same A-listers don’t have a problem lending their names or images to products in Asia or Europe. Take Leonardo DiCaprio, for example. While you probably won’t see his face endorsing products in the U.S. any time soon, Leo is proudly shilling Jim Beam bourbon in Japan.

Chanel No. 5 and Brad Pitt

In his youth, Brad Pitt was sometimes referred to as a pretty boy. Yet, it still seems a little strange that Chanel chose Brad Pitt as the spokesperson for its iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume for women. However, the move is actually quite a savvy one. For one thing, Pitt is basically a two-for-one. Who doesn’t immediately think of his wife, stunning Angelina Jolie, whenever Pitt’s name is mentioned? For another thing, Pitt is still one of the hottest actors walking the planet today, which makes him the perfect bait for attracting women to the perfume.

Charles Barkley and Weight Watchers

Until b-baller Charles Barkley came along, the typical Weight Watchers celebrity spokesperson had been a woman. Not surprisingly, the controversial Barkley has been an interesting match for the diet program. He has worn a dress for one commercial and was overheard dissing Weight Watchers while commenting on air during a basketball game. Again, it seems that any press is good press these days.

Snoop Dogg and Pistachios

At first, the slow-talking, counterculture king of rap may seem a strange pitchman for pistachios. Typically, rappers have hawked edgier products, but the advertisement has a sly druggie overtone that fits pistachio’s current nutty “Get Crackin” campaign. Other recent “spokespeople” for the nuts have included a crazy honey badger and Psy, the Korean “Gangnam Style” singer. Obviously, the little green nuts are trying to raise their awareness within the younger generation with these off-the-wall, not-ready-for-network-TV ads.