united we stand*United We Stand” featuring Javiya Minor and D’Jon Johnson, written by LaDell R. Beamon and produced by Johnathan “JDav” Davenport is a new anthem that gives hope to a displaced America that has been shaken by the trail of Trayvon Martin, youth murders is Chicago, Memphis and Detroit. “United We Stand” is that song that makes you think about the power of us all coming together to make an impact.

“United Toe to Toe and Hand in Hand We stand together as one. Division is the only thing that can stop us now… if we stop the fighting, we can learn to love and be a better us.” – United We Stand

This song is the first for a huge charity album from Heal The Hood Foundation of Memphis.

The album is attached to a huge campaign that deals with various social issues that youth are faced with (from bullying to teen suicide to drug abuse). Using the newly established comic book, Wake Up Tour Evolution, “United We Stand” serves as the anthem on this 13 track project due out Fall 2013. The album is entitled, “Wake Up Tour Evolution: The Audio Movie.”

“United We Stand” will see a video that is dedicated to Trayvon Martin and his family. This will serve as healing for those that have been touched by injustice. Also look for “United We Stand” which is available on itunes. All proceeds will go towards Heal The Hood Foundation of Memphis Gift Center, which is an Indoor Amusement Park/Digital Education Center that will serve as a beacon of hope for the city of Memphis and surrounding areas.

For more information on Heal The Hood Foundation of Memphis, visit www.hthmemphis.org or contact Miriam Graham at 901-289-2441.

Source: Urban Network