tia-and-tamera-mowry*They may be twins, but despite the pic above, they don’t always see eye to eye, so to speak.

On the new season of the Style reality series, “Tia & Tamera,” the twins get emotional regarding issues with their business relationship.

While Tia doesn’t make it a policy to share every detail of her professional moves to Tamera, Tamera feels it’s a bad look for the ladies not to know what the other is doing.

Tia says that trying to work through those misunderstandings is a challenge for the sisters.

“I think the biggest conflict, for me, I think is getting your sister to understand where you’re coming from when you have a different perspective on something. What we’ve learned throughout the years is that we’re twins, so we’re very, very connected. So, when someone disagrees with the other one or thinks differently, you take it personally and you feel offended, and so you act on that which is not really healthy because we love each other,” Tia told “Access Hollywood.”

It’s very important that they learn how to deal with each other as professionals; especially while their business relationship grows with new product launches for moms, including Stretchy, a plant-based stretch-mark cream for new mothers, and Milky.

Their disagreements got to a point where Tamera wondered if they should continue a working relationship.

“Maybe it’s not right for us to do stuff together,” Tamera said.

While they have arguments and disagreements like everyone else, Tamera assured their viewers that there will be no table flipping on their show.

“We just have a little argument about it. We think it’s huge, but compared to everyone else, they’re like, ‘Really? That wasn’t such a big deal,’” said Tamera who admitted her new role as a mother has made her bit bolder.

“We’re moms now, so we’re naturally very vocal ‘cause that’s what happens when you become a mom,” said Tamera. “You’re a lioness now, especially me. Normally, I was very passive.”

According to Tia, the sisters’ issues result from a lack of trust, and that’s something they plan to deal with on upcoming episodes of the show, airing Sundays on Style.

In the meantime, watch Tia and Tamera below chat with Access Hollywood: