tim wise*There was definitely controversy surrounding CNN’s Don Lemon after he stood in agreement with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s diagnosis of the black community’s ills.

Over the weekend, Lemon revisited the controversy and hosted anti-racism educator Tim Wise and his “Five Tips For White People to Improve Race Relations, or Improve Their Conditions”:

1. Stop telling black people to get over slavery.
2. Believe black people when they say they’re being profiled.
3. Stop saying you have a black friend as a get out of racism free card
4. Confront the long legacy of white denial when it comes to racism.
5. Stop using statistics incorrectly to justify prejudice.

And of coure the controversy was started over Lemon’s own five point plan for what black people need to do, which included:

1. Stop sagging your pants/dress appropriately.
2. Stop saying the n-word.
3. Stop having babies out of wedlock.
4. Stop littering.
5. Stay in school.