beyonce (short hair)*Good Lord!

Yes, that’s who you think it is.

Now you’re wondering WHY Beyonce did it?

Well, we don’t know why she cut her hair into a kinda pixie-ish/Peter Pan style.

But you gotta admit that it’s really different than that BIG hair look she’s been sportin ‘ as of recent.

Hmm, you think maybe that close encounter with that (electric) fan  a few weeks ago was more of a life changing experience than we could have imagined?

Whatever is behind Queen Bey cuttin’ her locks, we’ll just have to wait for her to tell us. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the Instagram shared pic and the new look. Yeah, as if we have to ask.

Ready. Set. Go!

beyonce (short hair - mirror)beyonce (short hair - mirror2)