*He was born Freddie Ross, but now goes by the name Big Freedia (pronounced Freeda) the “Queen of Bounce” and he/she bounced into the Guinness Book of World Records Wednesday in New York for leading the most people twerking at the same time.

It was also an opportunity to promote her/his new show on Fuse, “Big Freedia: Queen of the Bounce.”

Yep, Big Freedia was responsible for a crowd of over 350 participants of all ages twerking for two straight minutes. And they all didn’t really know what they were doing, not that it matters. It was all about getting that many people in the same place at the same time all doing the same thing … in their own respective ways.

“This has been really unique and fun,” Charlie Weisman, an adjudicator for the Guinness Book of World Records, said.  ”I think everyone had a good time today.”

Freedia took the time point out that Miley Cyrus should’ve got some lessons before her controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance. In fact, it would’ve been a good idea for Miss Miley to have been at Wednesday’s record setting event.

“Miley shoulda came, definitely got a lesson from Freedia,” the bounce artist theGrio. “I thank her for twerking though, because she’s opening another door for bounce music and for us to be making twerking mainstream, so I’m very thankful for Miley, but I want Miley to come get a lesson from me.”

Would you believe a 73-year-old twerker named Joan, who was shopping nearby, decided to get in on the action when she heard of the event. She said she learned how to twerk by watching TV, and that she feels Big Freedia’s dancers are better twerkers than Miley.

“To each his own,” Stephanie, one of Freedia’s dancers said in response to what she thinks of Cyrus’ dancing. “Everybody had their own little technique and you can’t really judge no body about their little twerking because everybody dances different.”
Big Freedia’s reality TV show, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, premieres on Fuse October 2 at 11pm Eastern.

For more, check out the video report above from Fuse.

By the way, Guinness set the rules which were:

1. Body must remain upright, with movement concentrated in hips
2. Participants can put hands on knees or hips for support
3. Twerking action cannot comes from knees – hips only
4. Freestyling or additional choreography not permitted – no hands on the ground, feet in the air, twirling, etc.
5. Twerking action must be synchronized, can be at own pace
6. All participants must twerk simultaneously for two minutes when Big Freedia gives the signal
7. Any performers who do not participate fully for the entire two minutes will be deducted from the final total

If you’ve never seen Freedia Twerk, er, bounce that bottom, here ya go:

Poor Miley. If only she could do it like this, she’d rule the world!:
white twerker