kanye west*Rapper Kanye West claims a photographer trespassed in his driveway yesterday morning and wants to press criminal charges against him.

According to TMZ, there were several pap’s who bombarded their way onto West’s property at 4:00 a.m. to poke at him about his recent Jimmy Kimmel feud.

West and girlfriend Kim Kardashian were leaving the home to catch a flight to Paris when they were approached by the photogs.

When one of the camera guys crossed over into his driveway, West asked, “Are you inside my garage?” before muttering, “I’ma change all this.”West also called the photographers “blood sucking mosquitoes,” and demands that they “shut the f— up!”

He then advises, “Pick a profession with some type of respect to it!”

As you may recall West has a long brewing hate-hate relationship with paparazzi. He is facing battery for his scuffle with a pap back in July. West is claiming self-defense.