Lil Scrappy*After his recent trip to a restaurant in South Florida, rapper and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Lil Scrappy was called out by a server for his less than impressive tip.

According to Crunk & Disorderly, his server last Monday night sent them an email explaining Scrappy’s experience with her establishment.

“I work at a restaurant in South Florida,” reads the email. “Monday night Lil Scrappy, Bambi, and two other men came to my job for dinner. They ran up an $85 bill, paid in cash, told my co-worker the service was great, and tipped her $3 and change.”

Well as we all know there’s always two sides to every story and RumorFix set out to get the other side. They reached out to Scrappy’s lawyer Mawuli Mel Davis.

“Scrappy was with a group of people–and he paid for his portion and left before the bill arrived. He thought they were leaving the tip,” said the attorney.

In his client’s defense, Davis added that Scrappy is always extremely generous and would never short change anyone on their tip.