Tasha Marbury*”Basketball Wives” star Tasha Marbury isn’t phased by co-star Tami Roman‘s criticism of her new business “Celebrity Sew-Ins” and plans to keep moving forward with it.

Tasha admits that the opening for the weave bar was quite shakey, but assures us that business is going great now despite the negative flamethrowers.

“It is so disheartening to hear and see my fellow cast mates bash what is now an extremely successful business venture,” she stated on Instagram earlier this week after VH1 aired the disastrous opening of Celebrity Sew-In. “Yes they caught us during our soft opening blues but all the kinks are now fixed!”

Tasha then took to Twitter to continue defending her business and dismiss the negativity Tami had and her business “advice.” Tami felt that a person who wants to invest in something should be knowledgeable of it first but Tasha maintains her position that she doesn’t need to be an expert to invest.

“As I said previously, women of color give each other the hardest time! When you invest, [it’s] all about the return on your initial investment #ROI,” Tasha tweeted. “I may have a bachelors in Nursing and a bachelors in Zoology. May not have went to #Wharton but I do understand business and finance.”

After Tami questioned Tasha’s credentials during the “soft opening,” of the weave bar, Tasha came with her one list of requirements that she feels a person, namely Tami, should have before offering up advice.

“If you attended Kellogg, #Sloan, or #Harvard, I will definitely listen to your business advice and ideas,” Tasha concluded. “Those that went to top b-schools, can give me advice. If your business makes millions in profit, I will listen to you as well #LetMeBe.”