atlanta strip club dj meeting*Many artists have utilized strip club DJs to gain mainstream recognition. In the ATL, these DJs have formed an alliance called the Coalition DJs.

Each member of the group has to spin five new songs two to three times a night over an eight-week period in between better-known hits.

Artists, who pay several thousand dollars per song for the service, get a customized printout of data verifying where and when their song was played

After many of these songs break in the streets of Atlanta they become instant hits. That, in turn, can lead to record deals, radio airplay and national exposure, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Many Southern rap stars, from Outkast to Lil Wayne, got their first exposure in Atlanta’s strip clubs, said Yvette Davila, a promotion executive at Def Jam Recordings, a division of Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group.

“A lot of my records have to break out of those strip clubs,” she said. “If they don’t get that stamp of approval, they just won’t make it.”

Coalition DJs is run by veteran music promoter Nick Love, a 33-year-old Atlanta native who hatched the idea with the help of one of the DJs, Xavier Hargrove, in the early 2000s. “The thing that makes a record hot is everyone playing it everywhere simultaneously,” he said.

By 2008 Mr. Love had managed to convince most of the top Atlanta strip-club DJs to join forces. He recently launched similar groups in Detroit, Dallas, Houston and Miami.

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