5 Star Moms*”The Real Housewives” franchise gave nameless women international fame. “Dance Moms” turned Abby Lee Miller into a household name.

In an effort to cash in on this reality TV stardom and fortune BiH Entertainment has released a sizzle reel for “5-Star Moms.”

But is there room for another reality wives TV show?

The docu-series will chronicle the lives of 5 actresses as they raise their children and climb the Hollywood ladder.

The cast includes Trina McGee (Boy Meets World) a married mother of four, Caryn Ward Ross (He’s Mine Not Yours) a married mom with a new baby, Mari Morrow (How to Be a Player) a single mom with a teen son, Tabitha Brown (Laughing to the Bank) a married mother with a preteen and a baby, and comedienne Kerri Pomoralli (Nick Mom’s Night Out) a married mom of two.

5 Star Moms Kerri Pomarolli 5 Star Moms Mari Morrow 5 Star Moms Tabitha Brown 5 Star Moms Trina McGeeIn the reel, McGee encourages her kids to masturbate and Pomoralli jokes about beating her kids.

Not to be out done by all their predecessors, Moms cast of characters are labeled with nicknames like – mafia mother, single sassy mama, bodacious momma, comic mom, and new mommy.

It appears the ladies take refuge at All That & MORE Boutique in Culver City, CA. A clothing store where the women get mommy time by gossiping, drinking and shopping.

5 Star MomsYou tell us! Would you tune in and watch “5-Star Moms?”

See the “5-Star Moms” sizzle reel here: