deion-sanders1crop*So after he admitted that he got into a scuffle with a head official, Deion Sanders has been fired from the school in Texas that he co-founded.

According to a rep for the Prime Prep Academy, the school has decided to cut ties with Sanders as the “ambassador and employee of the school.” Allegedly Sanders choked slammed PPA official Kevin Jefferson which led to the school’s decision to end their professional relationship with him.

Sanders has denied assaulting Jefferson but does say they “locked up” after he found out some of the student athletes were falling behind in the course work.

While the school has not listed reasons for wanting to let Sanders go, they did release a statement saying, “Deion’s positive contribution is appreciated and regarded as a laudable example. The school family wishes Mr. Sanders much success in his future endeavors.”

Despite Sanders complaining in the past about the lack of quality eduction at PPA, officials maintain “complete confidence” in their program.