pacman jones

*In the wake of a disorderly conduct arrest, Adam “Pacman” Jones made it rain on the homeless Monday by handing out $100 bills, according to a message on his Twitter account.

The Cincinnati Bengals player says he gifted 15 people with the cash before announcing his next act of benevolence will be to help needy mothers.

“I just give (sic) 15 homeless people a 100 next I’m pay (sic) for 15 mothers bills that’s in need,” he tweeted Monday.

Today, he followed with: “Last night I give this one dude a 100 that was homeless and he said PAC I’m not gone lie I’m going to get a bottle of Jack and I just lol.”

Meanwhile, Jones paid a $130 fine after being arrested for disorderly conduct last week. He is also scheduled for trial next month on an assault charge stemming from allegations that he hit a woman at a nightclub. He has pleaded not guilty in that incident.