bryan cranston & jamal finkley*After five successful seasons the last episode of “Breaking Bad” starring Bryan Cranston aired Sunday night. The critical acclaimed crime drama went out on top.

“Vince Gilligan (creator/producer) brought ‘Breaking Bad’ to a supremely fitting close, tying up all the loose ends in his modern classic AMC series and killing off his now iconic anti-hero Walter White (Bryan Cranston). And he did so in a way that confirmed Bad’s status as one of TV’s greatest series,” according to USA Today.

EURWeb associate Jamal Finkley of Blacktree TV, sat down with Cranston who said, “it’s an actor’s dream to be able to play different characters.” The series follows the tragic fall of a high school science teacher turned meth kingpin.  Cranston feels, “actors don’t need for someone to hand them a role, but for someone to give them an opportunity.”

The series has won ten Primetime Emmy Awards and Cranston won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series three consecutive times.  During his acceptance speech Cranston thanked his family and told them, he loves them more than baseball.

And for die-hard fans there is a cure for your withdrawals.  Cranston is returning to sitcom land as Hammond Druthers on “How I Met Your Mother.”  Aaron Paul will be headlining the video game turned movie, “Need For Speed.”  Dean Norris is starring in the drug trafficking thriller, “The Counselor.”  You can see Betsy Brandt on The Michael J. Fox Show. Gilligan is producing the detective drama, “Battle Creek,” for CBS and Bob Odenkirk can be seen in the Breaking Bad spinoff – “Better Call Saul.”

“Breaking Bad” was awarded the highest-rated TV series of all time by the Guinness World Records.