Charles Michael Davis

Charles Michael Davis

*Charles Michael Davis is quietly putting in work on the CW.

The network riddled with supernatural fare is gaining traction with its freshman series “The Originals,” a spinoff of “The Vampire Diaries” set in New Orleans and named after its three main characters – siblings who are part of the original vampire family.

The Mikaelsons – Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah – helped to build New Orleans a thousand years ago…until they were run out of town by their crazy pops. The city and all of its human and supernatural citizens are now run by Klaus’s protégé Marcel Gerard, a charismatic yet diabolical vampire played by Davis.

Marcel was a slave in 1805 when Klaus turned him. Now, Klaus wants his city back, and the series is anchored in his efforts to reclaim it.

But he must tread lightly.

“We’re used to Klaus kind of coming in with the ‘bull in the China shop’ mentality and dominating like a one man army, but Marcel has an army of vampires,” said Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus. “He has the numbers. He’s running the city, and he has the witches under his control. I don’t really know what the secret weapon he possesses is, but I know that he has control of all the magic in the city, and he has all of his inner circle of day walkers, of vampires, and all of these night walkers who are trying to earn their rings to become day walkers. So that in itself is a challenge for Klaus. And I think he’s going to have to employ a little bit more of his kind of manipulative backstabbing methods to get where he wants to be to take back the throne rather than charging in there and being torn limb from limb by a thousand vampires.”

Adds Davis: “Plus Marcel, is he’s a pretty popular guy in New Orleans. I don’t think you earn any points for killing the most popular guy in New Orleans.”

In finding the motivation of Marcel, a former slave turned King of New Orleans, Davis, 28, says he found inspiration from none other than Jay Z.

The CW’s “The Originals” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Watch the show’s trailer below.