adrian peterson*Dang, if you thought news of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson‘s fathering 4 kids out of wedlock was not a good look, well hold on ’cause there’s more. Literally.

Yep, that’s what the deal is according to one of the NFL star’s baby mamas, who tells TMZ that Peterson has actually fathered SEVEN kids, not four as we reported earlier.

Erica Syion, a former dancer who met AP in Houston a few years back, called in to “TMZ Live” to correct the math … and the numbers are well, what they are.

Update: When she first spoke with TMZ, she had no problem complimenting Peterson on taking care of the child-support thing. However, the gossip site found out that back in April, she sued him for $52,032 in unpaid child support and other child-related bills.

Here’s Erica Syion talking about Adrian Peterson:

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