bob costas*NBC sports commentator Bob Costas has made headlines in the past for speaking out on current issues in the world including the issue of gun control last year and on Sunday night, he did it again.

Now he’s putting his energy into other matters like the use of the name Redskins by Washington’s NFL franchise. The NFL announced that they would speak with the Oneida Indian Nation about the name issue.

But the team’s owner, Dan Snyder, said the name Redskins is like “a badge of honor” and implied that the team would not be changing its name. The name change even had President Obama offering his two cents.

Now Costas has weighed in saying: “Ask yourself what the equivalent would be, if directed toward African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, or members of any other ethnic group. When considered that way, ‘Redskins’ can’t possibly honor a heritage, or a noble character trait, nor can it possibly be considered a neutral term. It’s an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present-day intent.”

Here is the full video: