Yadira Lara Kendrick Ruth*After brutally punching a female store clerk during a dispute over a mere 41 cents, Kendrick Ruth his punk azz  in jail on $100k bond.

On Wednesday Ruth was arrested in Long Beach, California for the incident and was hit with assault charges after the police were tipped off with the information.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the vicious attack took place at a Chevron station in Lakewood, CA on Sept. 7. The clerk, Yadira Lara, reports that Ruth was looking to try and pay for a cigar that costs $1.41 with only a one dollar bill.

Lara proceeded to ask for the remaining balance which caused Ruth to grow furious.

“He just said ‘well fu*k this is all I have,’” said Lara, who hid the cigar under the counter.

Ruth then proceeded to strike Lara in the face without warning. There were other customers behind him when he punched the clerk and then proceeded to walk away.

Unfortunately the attack had a long time effect on Lara who now has permanent damage in one eye. “I just blacked out for a while, just looking for my glasses,” she told NBC 4.

“I just wish I just could’ve given it to him and none of this would have happened,” she said.

Watch the incident: