drake catwalk*Back in the day, a hip hop concert consisted of a stage, the audience, a lyricist (or more than one), as well as the always pointless hype man.

Today, your average live performance is a circus show, rife with pyrotechnics, props, holograms, sorcerers, unicorns, and all kinds of s*#@. For example, Drake recently decided to cancel a show Saturday night after being warned of safety issues related to the second stage he arranged to hover above his audience (see photo above).

According to published sources, the Canada-born rapper was informed that technical failure could result in the stage plummeting several feet and crushing everyone below. Ouch! That would be one hell of a concert–but for all the wrong reasons. The catwalk is a big part of Drake’s act.

The concert arena was filled with fans, waiting for an hour, when the plug was pulled and they were sent home. The good news  … the problem is being fixed …and Drizzy should be suspended over thousands of screaming fans again in no time.