Miami Heat v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One*There is always beef in every corner of the entertainment industry and the NBA is no different, judging by the new beef between Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and OKC’s Kevin Durant.

Apparently Durant wasn’t too impressed with Wade’s game and feels that his former teammate, James Harden, is better deserving of recognition than the Miami Heat guard.

Wade has been receiving a barrage of criticism for allegedly faking knee injuries last season and a shaky performance despite his team winning back-to-back NBA championships.

Well when Durant spoke to Cinesport in a video interview, he expressed that Harden should be called one  of the top 10 players in the NBA and the three-time champ should not.

Of course Wade took offense to the comments, but instead of throwing shots directly back at Durant, he simply left a memo for himself on Twitter saying, “Note to self. Make him respect your place in history … again.”:

dwyane wade note Durant’s tweet in response: “Show me don’t tweet me.”

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