aquil basheer

Aquil Basheer

*We don’t need brief segments on the evening news to tell us that our communities are in shambles and our young adults are so psychologically damaged that committing genocide is an acceptable practice.

In addition to the ongoing local work in California, for the past 12 weeks, I have been training, mobilizing and building peacekeeping infrastructure in Chicago, Washington D.C. and Seattle.

Do we realize that we are in a “State of Emergency?” This is the critical time when “our best” are suppose to surface; our generals come to the table and “step up and step out;” and our strategic thinkers go into overdrive developing plans of action. We rally the troops, bunker down and prepare to fight the good battle!

We simply cannot waste valuable time with feel good sessions and lemonade kick downs.

We have let the perpetual armchair pontificators continue to co-op our fundamental thinking process. We have also allowed these same individuals to dictate what our “action responses” will be. (Clowns who won’t bust a grape or sacrifice for anything other than personal gain.)

We have definitely got to reevaluate, redirect and reconstruct our operational methodology while we realign our action responses.

This leaves very little “play” time.  Let me be clear, I have nothing against relaxing, meditation, re-centering and enjoyment. But, there is a time for everything.

We camouflage our extremely serious issues. Instead of addressing them, we induce some type of “feel good moment.” We justify this by saying, “If we don’t have some type of frivolity involved nobody will show up and participate.” Quit selling our communities short.

You might say, “The Brother is angry.” No, my reply is ‘The Brother is frustrated!’

This is more than constructive criticism. We have moved into a state of progressive action.

Maximum Force Enterprises and PCITI (Professional Community Intervention Training Institute) have created the LTO (License to Operate) Movement, driven by a comprehensive master plan developed by involved stakeholders from all communities and individuals with “boots on the ground.”

This movement will bring the best Community Intervention Restorative Specialists and a dense group of holistic problem solvers (solution builders with proven practitioner based successes under their belts) together to start drafting specific templates and blueprints for progressive action that is based on implementable best practices.

First and foremost the need for comprehensive brainstorming and poignant assessments will have to transpire. We will be conducting on-going community strategizing meetings to get this done. This will be followed by “extensive situation specific trainings” which will cover everything from community safety to individual restorative rebuilding.

We will be setting in place a template for “Community Survival Safety Centers” which will help develop community members to become hands-on advocates for regional survival on all levels (mentally, physically and spiritually). Neighborhood “Action Mobilizers” will be thoroughly trained to act as Ambassadors for their areas of concern. These individuals will partner with the certified violence intervention professionals outreaching to all levels of the community.

As part of this movement, we will place trained, certified, peacekeeping first-responders from across the country into the belly of the fire. They will engage in community mobilization, economical revitalization, legal acuity, psychological re-direction and much more.

If you are tired, feed up, dissatisfied and want to be a part of real redirected change – let us know, there is room for you.

Aquil F. Basheer is an internationally acclaimed expert on public safety, crisis survival, violence/gang intervention, threat elimination and tactical proactive hostility abatement. His non-profit organization has trained peacekeepers in 43 cities and 29 countries on 5 continents. He can be reached at (800) 962-2155 or email [email protected].